Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pool Aquafit Umkirch

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Aquafit UmkirchMundenhofer Weg 30, 79224 Umkirch
Telephone: +49 7665 9329238 bzw. 9345815


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Opening Hours

Opening hours in summer
Monday12pm to 8pm
10am to 8pmFreibad in den Sommerferien
Tuesday12pm to 8pm
10am to 8pmSommerferien
Wednesday (warm water day)12pm to 8pm
10am to 8pmSommerferien
Thursday (warm water day)8am to 8pm
Friday12pm to 8pm
10am to 8pmSommerferien
Saturday10am to 8pm
Sunday10am to 8pm

Opening hours in winter
Tuesday2pm to 9pm
Wednesday (warm water day)2pm to 9pm
Thursday (warm water day)8am to 9pm
Saturday1pm to 5pm
Sunday8am to 4pm


A sport pool with 4 lanes and a length of 25m is available. A 3m diving platform is also available. There is no sperate diving pool.
The pool offers a separate baby-pool, a 1m diving board as well as a lifting floor.
The adjoining not year-round usable outdoor swimming pool has a sport pool with a length of 25m.
In the swimming pool you also find a parent child area with a water mushroom.