Indoor Swimming Pool Hallenbad Heslach in Stuttgart

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Hallenbad HeslachMörikestr. 62, 70199 Stuttgart
Telephone: +49 711 216-4712


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Opening Hours

Tuesday2pm to 7pm
1pm to 10pmHerrensauna
Wednesday (warm water day)6:30am to 10pm
9am to 10pmDamensauna
Thursday (warm water day)2pm to 11pm
10am to 11pmruss.-röm. Dampfbad, Sauna
Friday7am to 10pm
10am to 10pmruss.-röm. Dampfbad, Sauna
Saturday7am to 7pm
8am to 10pmruss.-röm. Dampfbad, Sauna
Sunday8am to 5pmauch russ.-röm. Dampfbad, Sauna


A sport pool with 5 lanes and a length of 25m is available. The water temeratur of this pool is 26 degree Celsius and 30 degree Celsius on warm water days. A separate non swimmer pool with a water temeratur of 29 degree Celsius and 32 degrees Celsius on warm water days is available. A 5m diving platform in a separat diving pool is also available.
In the swimming pool you also find starting blocks, massage as well as classes.
A separate baby-pool is not available.