Indoor Swimming Pool Hallenbad Schwalbach (Saar)

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Hallenbad Schwalbach (Saar)Großwaldstraße, 66773 Schwalbach (Saar)
Telephone: +49 6834 4005822
This pool also has a separate Outdoor Swimming Pool. Information about settings and opening hours of this Outdoor Swimming Pool can be found here.

Opening Hours

Monday6pm to 7pmSchwimmer
Tuesday7am to 8amFrühschwimmen
3pm to 4pmNichtschwimmer
Wednesday7am to 8amFrühschwimmen
3pm to 4pmSchwimmer
Thursday7am to 8amFrühschwimmen
3pm to 7pm
Friday (warm water day)7am to 8amFrühschwimmen
7pm to 9pmSchwimmer
Saturday7am to 8amFrühschwimmen
8am to 1pm
3pm to 5pmSpielnachmittag für Kinder bis 12 J.
5pm to 7pmSchwimmer
Sunday9am to 12pmSchwimmer
The pool ist closed from mid of May until mid of September.


The pool offers classes as well as a lifting floor.