Swimming Pools and Water Parks in Wuppertal

50m lanes are available in the outdoor swimming pools Mählersbeck and Alfred-Panke-Bad. All year round usable 50m lanes can be found in the indoor swimming pool Schwimmsportleistungszentrum (Heinz-Hoffmann-Bad). A all year round usable3m diving tower awaits you in Wuppertal in the pool Stadtbad Uellendahl. Anyone looking for a parent-child area will find what they're looking for in the indoor swimming pools Gartenhallenbad Langerfeld, Schwimmoper and Gartenhallenbad Cronenberg as well as in the outdoor swimming pools Neuenhof, Vohwinkel and Mählersbeck. In the pool Freibad Mählersbeck water slides are available.

Indoor Swimming Pools

Südstr., 42103 Wuppertal

74 votes
Stadtbad Uellendahl
Röttgen, 42109 Wuppertal
closed today

44 votes
Gartenhallenbad Cronenberg
Zum Tal, 42349 Wuppertal

96 votes
Schwimmsportleistungszentrum (Heinz-Hoffmann-Bad)
Küllenhahner Str., 42349 Wuppertal
already closed today

26 votes
Bandwirker-Bad Ronsdorf (ehem. Stadtbad)
Am Stadtbahnhof, 42369 Wuppertal
already closed today

62 votes
Gartenhallenbad Langerfeld
Am Timpen, 42389 Wuppertal
already closed today

71 votes

Outdoor Swimming Pools

Freibad Mirke
In der Mirke, 42109 Wuppertal

21 votes
Freibad Eckbusch
Am Jagdhaus, 42113 Wuppertal

11 votes
Freibad Mählersbeck
Mählersbeck, 42279 Wuppertal

37 votes
Bendahler Str., 42285 Wuppertal

14 votes
Freibad Vohwinkel
Gräfrather Str. 43c, 42329 Wuppertal

Closed until end of April

13 votes
Freibad Neuenhof
Neuenhof, 42349 Wuppertal

70 votes