Swimming Pools and Water Parks in and near Mechernich

50m lanes are available in the outdoor swimming pool Rosenbad Gemünd. All year round usable 25m lanes can be found in the indoor swimming pools Kall and Schwimmbad Vogelsang, in the water park Eifelbad as well as in the thermal springs Eifel-Therme Zikkurat and Therme Euskirchen. A 3m diving tower awaits you in Mechernich and the surrounding area in the pools Freibad Heimbach, Rosenbad Gemünd and Eifel-Therme Zikkurat. Anyone looking for all year round usablewater slides will find what they're looking for in the water park Eifelbad and in the thermal spring Eifel-Therme Zikkurat. In the pools Freibad Heimbach, Therme Euskirchen and Rosenbad Gemünd a parent-child area is available. A all year round usablesaline pool is available in the thermal spring Therme Euskirchen.

Thermal Springs in

Thermal Spring Eifel-Therme Zikkurat
An der Zikkurat, 53894 Mechernich
relevant opening hours today:
11am to 9pm

54 votes

Swimming Pools nearby

Natural Swimming Pool Wassersportsee Zülpicher See
Wassersportsee, 53909 Zülpich

6 votes
Thermal Spring Therme Euskirchen
Thermenallee, 53879 Euskirchen
relevant opening hours today:
2pm to 5pm (Sportbad)
10am to 10pm

0 no votes
Water Park Eifelbad
Dr.-Greve-Straße, 53902 Bad Münstereifel
relevant opening hours today:
12pm to 10pm

68 votes
Natural Swimming Pool Waldfreibad Steinbachtalsperre
Talsperrenstraße, Kirchheim, 53881 Euskirchen
relevant opening hours today:
10am to 8pm (Ferien)
11am to 8pm

33 votes
Indoor Swimming Pool Hallenbad Kall
Am Hallenbad, 53925 Kall
closed today

14 votes
Outdoor Swimming Pool Rosenbad Gemünd
Kurgartenstraße, 53937 Schleiden

15 votes
Outdoor Swimming Pool Freibad Heimbach
Auf Wissen Woog, 52396 Heimbach

18 votes
Outdoor Swimming Pool Freibad Abenden
Rurweg, 52385 Nideggen

Closed until mid of June

15 votes
Indoor Swimming Pool Schwimmbad Vogelsang
Vogelsang, 53937 Schleiden
relevant opening hours today:
4pm to 9pm

5 votes