Swimming Pools and Water Parks in Mannheim

50m lanes are available in the outdoor swimming pools Carl-Benz-Bad, Herzogenriedbad and Parkschwimmbad Rheinau. All year round usable 25m lanes can be found in the indoor swimming pools Waldhof-Ost, Herschelbad and Gartenhallenbad Neckarau. A 10m diving tower awaits you in Mannheim in the pools Carl-Benz-Bad and Herzogenriedbad. Anyone looking for a parent-child area will find what they're looking for in the indoor swimming pool Gartenhallenbad Neckarau as well as in the outdoor swimming pools Heinz-Hunsinger-Sommerbad Stollenwörthweiher, Sandhofen and Parkschwimmbad Rheinau. In the pools Carl-Benz-Bad and Herzogenriedbad water slides are available.

Indoor Swimming Pools

U3,, 68161 Mannheim
relevant opening hours today:
6:15am to 9pm

95 votes
Gartenhallenbad Neckarau
Marguerrestr., 68199 Mannheim
relevant opening hours today:
10am to 10pm

75 votes
Hallenbad Seckenheim
Freiburger Str., 68239 Mannheim
closed today

30 votes
Hallenbad Waldhof-Ost
Offenbacher Str., 68305 Mannheim
relevant opening hours today:
6:15am to 9pm

81 votes
Hallenbad Vogelstang
Freiberger Ring, 68309 Mannheim
relevant opening hours today:
8am to 9pm

17 votes

Outdoor Swimming Pools

August-Kuhn-Str., 68167 Mannheim

95 votes
Heinz-Hunsinger-Sommerbad Stollenwörthweiher
Rheingoldstr., 68199 Mannheim

18 votes
Parkschwimmbad Rheinau
Minneburgstr., 68219 Mannheim

60 votes
Baldurstr., 68305 Mannheim

35 votes
Freibad Sandhofen
Kalthorststr., 68307 Mannheim

49 votes

Natural Swimming Pools

Stollenwörthweiher II
Promenadenweg, 68199 Mannheim
closed today

97 votes
Strandbad Mannheim
Strandbadweg, 68199 Mannheim

9 votes

Swimming Lakes

Storchenstraße, 68259 Mannheim

58 votes