Swimming Pools and Water Parks in and near Lindenfels

In the pools Freibad Heppenheim and Freibad Lindenfels 50m lanes are available. A 5m diving tower is available in Lindenfels and the surrounding area in the outdoor swimming pool Freibad Lindenfels. A parent-child area awaits you in the pools Freibad Hammelbach, Freibad Fürth (Odenwald) and Freibad Reichelsheim (Odenwald). Anyone looking for water slides will find what they're looking for in the outdoor swimming pools Fürth (Odenwald) and Reichelsheim (Odenwald).

Outdoor Swimming Pools in

Outdoor Swimming Pool Freibad Lindenfels
Almenweg, 64678 Lindenfels

18 votes

Swimming Pools nearby

Outdoor Swimming Pool Freibad Fürth (Odenwald)
Krumbacher Str., 64658 Fürth (Odenwald)

17 votes
Outdoor Swimming Pool Freibad Reichelsheim (Odenwald)
Konrad-Adenauer-Allee, 64385 Reichelsheim (Odenwald)

0 no votes
Outdoor Swimming Pool Freibad Beerfurth
Schwimmbadstr., 64385 Reichelsheim (Odenwald)

2 votes
Outdoor Swimming Pool Freibad Hammelbach
Am Schwimmbad, 64689 Grasellenbach

23 votes
Outdoor Swimming Pool Meerwasserfreibad Hotel Siegfriedbrunnen
Hammelbacherstr., 64689 Grasellenbach

0 no votes
Swimming Lake Marbachstausee
Siegfriestraße, Hüttenthal, 64756 Mossautal

0 no votes
Outdoor Swimming Pool Freibad Heppenheim
Walther-Rathenau-Str., 64646 Heppenheim

56 votes
Outdoor Swimming Pool Kleinschwimmbad Sonderbach
64646 Heppenheim

2 votes
Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pool Basinus-Bad
Spessartstraße, 64625 Bensheim
relevant opening hours today:
8am to 10pm

67 votes