Swimming Pools and Water Parks in and near Kamen

50m lanes are available in the outdoor swimming pools Kamen-Mitte and Wellenbad Weddinghofen. All year round usable 33,3m lanes can be found in the indoor swimming pool Hallenbad Kamen-Mitte. A 3m diving tower awaits you in Kamen and the surrounding area in the pools Schwimmsporthalle Unna, Hallenbad Bergkamen and Freibad Kamen-Mitte. Anyone looking for water slides will find what they're looking for in the outdoor swimming pools Wellenbad Weddinghofen and Kamen-Mitte. In the pools Freibad Bornekamp, Hallenbad Bergkamen and Wellenbad Weddinghofen a parent-child area is available.

Swimming Pools in Kamen

Indoor Swimming Pool Hallenbad Kamen-Mitte
Gutenbergstr., 59174 Kamen

Closed until mid of August

58 votes
Outdoor Swimming Pool Freibad Kamen-Mitte
Am Schwimmbad, 59174 Kamen
relevant opening hours today:
6:30am to 7:30pm

15 votes
Training Swimming Pool Hallenbad Kamen-Methler
Germaniastr., 59174 Kamen

23 votes
Training Swimming Pool Heidebad Kamen
Heidestr., 59174 Kamen

1 vote

Swimming Pools nearby

Outdoor Swimming Pool Wellenbad Weddinghofen
Häupenweg, 59192 Bergkamen
relevant opening hours today:
10am to 7:30pm

56 votes
Indoor Swimming Pool Hallenbad Bergkamen
Am Stadion, 59192 Bergkamen

Closed until end of August

13 votes
Indoor Swimming Pool Schwimmsporthalle Unna
Bergenkamp, 59425 Unna
already closed today

43 votes
Outdoor Swimming Pool Freibad Bornekamp
Bornekampstr., 59423 Unna
relevant opening hours today:
11am to 7pm

10 votes
Natural Swimming Pool Naturfreibad Heil
Dorfstraße, 59192 Bergkamen
relevant opening hours today:
10am to 7pm

135 votes
Indoor Swimming Pool Die Welle Scharnhorst
Gleiwitzstr. 279a, 44328 Dortmund
relevant opening hours today:
2pm to 10pm

143 votes