Swimming Pools and Water Parks in and near Ilvesheim

A 5m diving tower is available in Ilvesheim and the surrounding area in the outdoor swimming pool Freibad Ladenburg. A all year round usable 3m diving tower can be found in the indoor swimming pools Vogelstang and Seckenheim as well as in the water park Freizeitbad Edingen-Neckarhausen. 50m lanes await you in the pools Parkschwimmbad Rheinau and Freibad Ladenburg. Anyone looking for a parent-child area will find what they're looking for in the outdoor swimming pools Ilvesheim, Badesee Heddesheim and Parkschwimmbad Rheinau as well as in the water park Freizeitbad Edingen-Neckarhausen.

Indoor Swimming Pools and Outdoor Swimming Pools in

Indoor Swimming Pool Hallenbad Ilvesheim
Heddesheimer Str., 68549 Ilvesheim
relevant opening hours today:
9:45am to 10:45am (Wassergymnastik)
8:30am to 9:30pm

80 votes
Outdoor Swimming Pool Freibad Ilvesheim
Am Freibad, 68549 Ilvesheim

35 votes

Swimming Pools nearby

Indoor Swimming Pool Hallenbad Seckenheim
Freiburger Str., 68239 Mannheim
closed today

30 votes
Water Park Freizeitbad Edingen-Neckarhausen
Hauptstr., 68535 Edingen-Neckarhausen
relevant opening hours today:
11am to 9:30pm
8am to 11am (Damen)

157 votes
Outdoor Swimming Pool Freibad Ladenburg
Neckarstr., 68526 Ladenburg

41 votes
Swimming Lake Vogelstangsee
Storchenstraße, 68259 Mannheim

58 votes
Training Swimming Pool Kleinhallenbad Edingen
Robert-Walter-Straße 3, Pestalozzi-Schule, 68535 Edingen-Neckarhausen

6 votes
Outdoor Swimming Pool Parkschwimmbad Rheinau
Minneburgstr., 68219 Mannheim

60 votes
Indoor Swimming Pool Hallenbad Vogelstang
Freiberger Ring, 68309 Mannheim
closed today

16 votes
Outdoor Swimming Pool Freibad Badesee Heddesheim
An der Fohlenweide, 68542 Heddesheim

48 votes