Swimming Pools and Water Parks in and near Hövelhof

In the pools Rolandsbad and Waldbad Schloß Neuhaus 50m lanes are available. All year round usable 50m lanes can be found in the water park Schwimmoper Paderborn. A 10m diving tower is available in Hövelhof and the surrounding area in the outdoor swimming pool Rolandsbad. A parent-child area awaits you in the pools Garten-Hallenbad Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock, Westfalentherme and Hallenbad Delbrück. Anyone looking for water slides will find what they're looking for in the outdoor swimming pool Rolandsbad, in the water park Schwimmoper Paderborn as well as in the thermal spring Westfalentherme.

Indoor Swimming Pools in

Indoor Swimming Pool SENNEBAD
Am Hallenbad, 33161 Hövelhof
relevant opening hours today:
9:30am to 3pm

46 votes

Swimming Pools nearby

Outdoor Swimming Pool Waldbad Schloß Neuhaus
Hermann-Löns-Str., 33104 Paderborn

Closed until end of May

40 votes
Indoor Swimming Pool Residenzbad Schloß Neuhaus
Am Schloßgarten, 33104 Paderborn

13 votes
Indoor Swimming Pool Alisobad Elsen
Am Schlengerbusch, 33106 Paderborn
relevant opening hours today:
6am to 6pm

34 votes
Indoor Swimming Pool Garten-Hallenbad Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock
Am Hallenbad, 33758 Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock
relevant opening hours today:
8am to 8pm

62 votes
Indoor Swimming Pool Hallenbad Delbrück
Nordring, 33129 Delbrück
relevant opening hours today:
1pm to 5pm

55 votes
Thermal Spring Westfalentherme
Schwimmbadstraße, 33175 Bad Lippspringe
relevant opening hours today:
9am to 11pm

68 votes
Outdoor Swimming Pool Rolandsbad
Stolbergallee, 33102 Paderborn
might already be open from
7am to 8pm

56 votes
Water Park Schwimmoper Paderborn
Schützenweg 1b, 33102 Paderborn

35 votes
Indoor Swimming Pool Kleinschwimmhalle Realschule
Kühlmannweg, 33415 Verl

Closed until mid of September

27 votes