Swimming Pools and Water Parks in Bonn

In the pools Freibad Rüngsdorf, Ennertbad and Römerbad 50m lanes are available. All year round usable 25m lanes can be found in the indoor swimming pools Beueler Bütt, Frankenbad and Kurfürstenbad Bonn. A 10m diving tower is available in Bonn in the outdoor swimming pools Rüngsdorf and Römerbad. A parent-child area awaits you in the pools Freibad Hardtbergbad, Melbbad and Freibad Friesdorf. Anyone looking for water slides will find what they're looking for in the outdoor swimming pool Freibad Hardtbergbad.

Indoor Swimming Pools

Adolfstr., 53111 Bonn
already closed today

56 votes
Schwimmhalle Hardtbergbad
In der Dehlen, 53125 Bonn

58 votes
Kurfürstenbad Bonn
Kurfürstenallee 7a, 53177 Bonn

55 votes
Beueler Bütt
Goetheallee, 53225 Bonn
already closed today

73 votes

Outdoor Swimming Pools

Trierer Str., 53115 Bonn

12 votes
Eduard-Spoelgen-Str., 53117 Bonn

66 votes
Freibad Hardtbergbad
In der Dehlen, 53125 Bonn

20 votes
Freibad Friesdorf
Margaretenstr., 53175 Bonn

12 votes
Freibad Rüngsdorf
Am Schwimmbad, 53179 Bonn

64 votes
Holtdorfer Straße, 53229 Bonn

55 votes