Swimming Pools and Water Parks in and near Barßel

In the pool Freibad Bad am Stadion 25m lanes are available. All year round usable 25m lanes can be found in the indoor swimming pools Hössenbad Westerstede, Bad am Stadion and Barßel as well as in the water park Freizeitbad Saterland. A 5m diving tower is available in Barßel and the surrounding area in the outdoor swimming pool Badepark Bad Zwischenahn. A parent-child area awaits you in the pools Freibad Hengstforde, Hössenbad Westerstede and Freizeitbad Saterland. Anyone looking for water slides will find what they're looking for in the indoor swimming pool Hössenbad Westerstede, in the outdoor swimming pools Hengstforde and Badepark Bad Zwischenahn as well as in the water park Freizeitbad Saterland.

Indoor Swimming Pools in

Indoor Swimming Pool Hallenbad Barßel
Westmarkstr., 26676 Barßel
relevant opening hours today:
3:30pm to 9pm

12 votes

Swimming Pools nearby

Outdoor Swimming Pool Freibad Hengstforde
Hauptstraße, 26689 Apen

34 votes
Water Park Freizeitbad Saterland
Schulstr. 7, Ramsloh, 26683 Saterland
relevant opening hours today:
3pm to 9pm

36 votes
Swimming Lake Hollener See
Ramsloh, 26683 Saterland

1 vote
Indoor Swimming Pool Hössenbad Westerstede
Jahnallee 1, Hössensportzentrum, 26655 Westerstede
relevant opening hours today:
10am to 9pm
6:30am to 9pm (in den Ferien)

60 votes
Outdoor Swimming Pool Freibad Bad am Stadion
Zum Stadion, 26188 Edewecht

26 votes
Indoor Swimming Pool Bad am Stadion
Zum Stadion, 26188 Edewecht
relevant opening hours today:
7pm to 9pm (Erwachsene)
3pm to 7pm

56 votes
Indoor Swimming Pool Hallenbad Bad Zwischenahn
Humboldtstr. 1c, 26160 Bad Zwischenahn
relevant opening hours today:
6:30pm to 9pm (Schwimmer ab 16 J.)

45 votes
Outdoor Swimming Pool Badepark Bad Zwischenahn
Am Badepark, 26160 Bad Zwischenahn

21 votes
Indoor Swimming Pool Schwimmhalle Hesel
Rüschenweg, 26835 Hesel
relevant opening hours today:
6:30pm to 8:30pm

12 votes