Swimming Pools and Water Parks in and near Bad Segeberg

In the pools Freibad Struvenhütten and Freibad Moisling 25m lanes are available. All year round usable 25m lanes can be found in the indoor swimming pool Hallenbad Bad Segeberg. A parent-child area is available in Bad Segeberg and the surrounding area in the indoor swimming pools AQUA FUN Wahlstedt and Bad Segeberg as well as in the outdoor swimming pools Waldschwimmbad Trappenkamp and Struvenhütten. Water slides await you in the pool Waldschwimmbad Trappenkamp.

Indoor Swimming Pools and Natural Swimming Pools in

Indoor Swimming Pool Hallenbad Bad Segeberg
Theodor-Storm-Str., 23795 Bad Segeberg
already closed today

89 votes
Natural Swimming Pool Strandbad Ihlsee
Am Ihlsee, 23795 Bad Segeberg
already closed today

36 votes

Swimming Pools nearby

Indoor Swimming Pool AQUA FUN Wahlstedt
Scharnhorststr., 23812 Wahlstedt
already closed today

72 votes
Outdoor Swimming Pool Waldschwimmbad Trappenkamp
Waldstr., 24610 Trappenkamp
already closed today

21 votes
Natural Swimming Pool Freibad Poggensee
Am Poggensee, 23843 Bad Oldesloe
already closed today

6 votes
Indoor Swimming Pool Travebad
Konrad-Adenauer Ring 1e, 23843 Bad Oldesloe
already closed today

86 votes
Swimming Lake Badestelle Moorteich
23619 Heilshoop

0 no votes
Natural Swimming Pool Badestelle Am Herrenteich
23858 Reinfeld
already closed today

20 votes
Outdoor Swimming Pool Freibad Struvenhütten
Wohldweg, 24643 Struvenhütten
already closed today

1 vote
Outdoor Swimming Pool Freibad Moisling
Pennmoor, 23560 Lübeck
already closed today

14 votes