Swimming Pools and Water Parks in and near Aßlar

50m lanes are available in the outdoor swimming pool Domblickbad. All year round usable 50m lanes can be found in the indoor swimming pools Europabad Wetzlar and Waldgirmes. A 3m diving tower awaits you in Aßlar and the surrounding area in the pools Freibad Solmser Land and Domblickbad. Anyone looking for water slides will find what they're looking for in the outdoor swimming pool Freibad Solmser Land as well as in the water park Laguna Asslar. In the pools Hallenbad Biebertal, Haverhill-Bad Ehringshausen and Europabad Wetzlar a parent-child area is available. A all year round usablesaline pool is available in the water park Laguna Asslar.

Water Parks in

Water Park Laguna Asslar
Europastraße, Mittelhessentherme, 35614 Aßlar
relevant opening hours today:
12pm to 10pm

97 votes

Swimming Pools nearby

Outdoor Swimming Pool Domblickbad
Karl-Kellner-Ring, 35576 Wetzlar

43 votes
Training Swimming Pool Schwimmschule Plitsch-Platsch
Robert-Koch-Weg, 35578 Wetzlar

0 no votes
Indoor Swimming Pool Hallenbad Waldgirmes
Geraberger Platz, 35633 Lahnau
relevant opening hours today:
3pm to 10pm

61 votes
Indoor Swimming Pool Europabad Wetzlar
Frankfurter Str., 35578 Wetzlar
relevant opening hours today:
8am to 10pm

52 votes
Indoor Swimming Pool Solmser Land
Am Schwimmbad, 35606 Solms
relevant opening hours today:
2:30pm to 8:30pm

15 votes
Outdoor Swimming Pool Freibad Solmser Land
Am Schwimmbad, 35606 Solms

11 votes
Indoor Swimming Pool Haverhill-Bad Ehringshausen
Neustadt-Straße, 35630 Ehringshausen
relevant opening hours today:
8pm to 10pm
1pm to 6pm

36 votes
Indoor Swimming Pool Hallenbad Biebertal
Bieberstraße, 35444 Biebertal
relevant opening hours today:
7am to 9pm

36 votes
Natural Swimming Pool Badestrand Dutenhofener See
Am Dutenhofener See, 35582 Wetzlar

6 votes