Outdoor Swimming Pool Freibad TaunaBad in Oberursel

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Freibad TaunaBadAltkönigstr. 99, 61440 Oberursel
Telephone: +49 6171 /509-250
This pool also has a separate Indoor Swimming Pool. Information about settings and opening hours of this Indoor Swimming Pool can be found here.

Opening Hours

Monday8am to 8pm
Tuesday8am to 8pm
Wednesday8am to 8pm
Thursday8am to 8pm
Friday8am to 8pm
Saturday8am to 6pm
1.6. until 31.8.8am to 8pm
Sunday8am to 6pm
1.6. until 31.8.8am to 8pm
Outdoor swimming pools in Germany are usually open between Mai and September. Please call +49 6171 /509-250 to get information on first and last day of the season or look on this German webpage.


This outdoor swimming pool has a sport pool with a length of 50m and a water temeratur of 23 degree Celsius. A 3m diving platform is also available. There is no sperate diving pool.
The pool offers a 1m diving board as well as a separate baby-pool.