Outdoor Swimming Pool Freibad Schwimmzentrum Itzehoe

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Freibad Schwimmzentrum ItzehoeKlosterbrunnen 6, 25524 Itzehoe
Telephone: +49 4821/774-444
This pool also has a separate Indoor Swimming Pool. Information about settings and opening hours of this Indoor Swimming Pool can be found here.

Opening Hours

Monday6am to 7am
8:30am to 8pm
Tuesday6am to 7am
8:30am to 8pm
Wednesday6am to 7am
8:30am to 8pm
Thursday6am to 7am
8:30am to 8pm
Friday6am to 7am
8:30am to 8pm
Saturday9am to 7pm
Sunday9am to 7pm
The pool ist closed from beginning of September until end of May.


This outdoor swimming pool has a separate non swimmer pool with a water temeratur of 26 degree Celsius as well as a sport pool with a length of 50m and a water temeratur of 26 degree Celsius. A 10m diving platform in a separat diving pool is also available.
In the swimming pool you also find a big water slide, heated water, beach volleyball, a parent child area with a water temperatur of 26 degree Celsius and a small slide, a water slide as well as table tennis.