Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pool Schwimmbad Immenhausen

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Schwimmbad ImmenhausenBernhardt-Vocke-Str. 5, 34376 Immenhausen
Telephone: +49 5673 1041


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Opening Hours

Opening hours in summer
Tuesday10am to 5pm
Wednesday8am to 8pm
Thursday (warm water day)10am to 9pm
Friday (warm water day)11am to 9pm
Saturday10am to 6pm
2pm to 6pmSpielnachmittag
Sunday8am to 6pm
2pm to 5pmSpielnachmittag

Opening hours in winter
Wednesday8am to 10am
3pm to 8pm
Thursday (warm water day)2pm to 9pm
Friday (warm water day)2pm to 9pm
Saturday2pm to 6pmSpielnachmittag
Sunday8am to 2pm
2pm to 5pmSpielnachmittag


The pool has a separate non swimmer pool with a water temeratur of 29 degree Celsius as well as a swimmer pool with a water temeratur of 26 degree Celsius and 28 degrees Celsius during warm water days.
In the swimming pool you also find a water slide, starting blocks, a solarium, classes, gastronomy as well as a barrier-free settings.
A separate baby-pool is not available.The pool offers a parent child area with a play field, beach volleyball, a wide slide as well as starting blocks.